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Climate Controlled Storage Units

Store Your Belongings with Climate Controlled Storage Units near Nashville TN

We all know of items that are sensitive to changing temperature. Items such as electronics and appliances need to in a stable climate to prevent damage. To avoid costly repairs down the road, consider climate controlled storage units.

BC Storage: Climate Controlled Storage Nashville TN

Is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit Right for You?

Consider what items you plan to store in your self storage unit. Are these items fragile, important, or vulnerable to changing temperature?

BC Storage customers use our climate-controlled storage units for many different items. See examples below:

  • Wooden or Leather Furniture: Wooden and leather furniture can crack and warp. Changing temperatures can be hard on the finish. Give these items proper care before storing in a climate controlled storage unit.
  • Household Appliances: Appliances, like electronics, need to avoid changing temperatures. This helps prevent damage to the components that help them run.
  • Business Documents or Inventory: Business documents fade worse when stored in traditional storage. Climate controlled storage units are ideal for these items.
  • Photographs, Slides and Negatives: Give these items special care before storing. Climate control may not be enough for certain types of film.
  • Clothing: Delicate clothing can wear and discolor in traditional storage. Climate control helps preserve these items better.
  • Special Collections
    • Coins
    • Stamps
    • Comics
    • Vinyl Records
    • Cassette and VHS tapes
  • Musical Instruments
    • Percussion
    • String
    • Brass
    • Woodwinds

Is BC Storage Climate Control Enough?

Keep in mind that certain items may need special climate control. This would fall outside of what our facilities can do. Cigars, for example, need a very specific environment. Make sure what you are storing matches up with our facility’s abilities! Give us a call at one of the locations below to get clarity today:

BC Storage: Climate Controlled Storage Nashville TN