Indoor Boat Storage near Nashville, TN

Indoor Boat StorageSafe Storage Options for Nashville Boat Owners

As you know, your boat is an investment that demands on-going care and attention. While some boats may require more or less annual maintenance than others, all boats can benefit from quality indoor boat storage. Many of our Nashville customers find our boat storage perfectly suitable, accessible, and affordable for their needs. Every BC Storage location offers boat storage, so no matter where you are in Tennessee (Nashville or otherwise) a BC boat storage solution is ready and waiting for you. Whether it is your busy schedule or the weather that is keeping you from using your boat, our boat storage solutions offer an affordable solution for you.

Prepare for Winter Boat Storage in Four Easy Steps

In order to help you prepare for winter boat storage, we’ve assembled a few simple tips for getting your boat ready for the cold season.

  1. Oil & Filter: Make sure to drain your old engine oil and refill with fresh, clean oil. While you’re at it, go ahead and replace the oil filter. Afterward, it’s a good idea to run the engine for a while in order to push the new oil through the system.
  2. Fuel System: The most common method for treating your boat’s fuel system is to drain as much of the old fuel as possible, replace it with new fuel and then add a fuel stabilizer. Again, you’ll want to run your engine for at least 10 minutes to help circulate the stabilizer.
  3. Antifreeze: Protecting your engine with antifreeze can help minimize the effects of cold winter weather. Start by draining as much water as you can from your inboard cooling system and then fill it up with a marine-grade antifreeze product. Your local marine store may also recommend an outboard winterizing kit to help draw the antifreeze deeper into the engine.
  4. Tidy Up: When it’s time to take your boat out of storage, you don’t want to find a mess. Give the interior a thorough cleaning and power wash the exterior, if necessary. This is also a good time to declutter. Remove anything you don’t want to store over the winter – like first aid kids or life jackets.

All four of our self-storage locations offer indoor boat storage. Visit our self storage locations near Nashville, TN to learn more about our boat storage sizes and offerings.